“Walker Percy Weekend” and Updates

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days, but Susan and I traveled to St. Francisville, Louisiana last weekend for the first annual (I can’t imagine there won’t be more) “Walker Percy Festival.” Organized by Rod Dreher, a writer/blogger at The American Conservative magazine, we had a great time eating crawfish, catfish, grilled oysters, sampling some craft beers, and drinking bourbon on a “bourbon tour” of front porches, yet at the same time learning more about Percy (a favorite writer of mine when I was in my thirties and one to whom I still occasionally reread today) and the charming, hospitable town of St. Francisville.  I’ll have more on this festival later in the week.

I have no updates – yet – on when my Virtual Book Signing will be posted online, nor do I know the date of my “Red, White, and Blue,” Interview. Suffice it to say, that you’ll know when I know.

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