On the Radio

I was on the Brian Thomas radio show this morning from Cinncinati, Ohio. I have no idea how he found out about my book, but he was a gracious host. It was a short interview. We talked for only a few minutes, but I was grateful for the opportunity.

One thing that we discussed was comparisons of 1776 as “secession from the British Empire” versus white southern secession in 1860-61. I made the point that they were not the same thing, as in 1776 the American revolutionaries were in part revolting against lack of representation in Parliament, or their lack of a voice in the Empire’s affairs, they knew that they were fomenting revolution and expected to be treated as such if captured, and, finally, there was at least some sense that slavery was a contradiction to their ideals. None of these conditions, it seems to me, applied in 1860-61.

So, a good morning and thanks to Brian Thomas for having me on.

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