Lincoln (and Darwin’s) Birthday

Today we celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, both for their accomplishments and for the many, many people who made their work possible.

Here in Houston last night there was a vigorous debate in the Houston Independent School District about changing the schools who were named after Confederates. All I can say is, good for H.I.S.D. Here is Abraham Lincoln on those who defended slavery:

“Yet I have never failed—do not now fail—to remember that in the republican cause there is a higher aim than that of mere office. I have not allowed myself to forget that the abolition of the Slave-trade by Great Britain, was agitated a hundred years before it was a final success; that the measure had it’s open fire-eating opponents; it’s stealthy “dont care” opponents; it’s dollar and cent opponents; it’s inferior race opponents; its negro equality opponents; and its religion and good order opponents; that all these opponents got offices, and their adversaries got none. But I have also remembered that though they blazed, like tallow-candles for a century, at last they flickered in the socket, died out, stank in the dark for a brief season, and were remembered no more, even by the smell.”

If you’re near Lone Star College – Kingwood, come to our 2nd annual Darwin Day talk by Professor Scott Egan of Rice University at 12:30 in our Music Hall.

Darwin Day

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