Jefferson Davis Statue at UT

In the past few days there has been a bit of a stir about the Jefferson Davis statue at UT being defaced and that students want it removed from campus. I much prefer the suggestion of others that instead of removing the statue, perhaps a plaque could be placed on it explaining why it was placed there to begin with. Of course, with these actions the perpetrators may have unwittingly created sympathy for Davis. As I’ve written about before (see here, and here), considering what Davis stood for, that cannot be the result desired by those objecting to the statue’s presence on campus.

UPDATE (1:55 p.m. 5/12/2015):

I think it would be appropriate to place a statue next to Davis, of someone like Frederick Douglass, or Harriet Tubman, or Sojourner Truth. That might be, as Lincoln once said, “altogether fitting and proper.”

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